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Attention Epiphone owners!


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When I was researching guitars for my son, a lot of people mentioned that the tuners on Epiphone guitars were pretty bad and had issues with staying in tune. We decided on the G-400 SG, which comes with Grovers. I brought it to my luthier for a setup. He noticed that the screws that held the tuners to the headstock were not gripping, but were spinning freely. He replaced them with slightly longer screws and now the guitar stays in tune for days! You may want to check this out on your Epi's.
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An easy fix for that is to take some round wooden toothpicks...dab a bit of Elmer's glue on the tip...and then stick it into the hole where the screw was and cut the excess off.


Let it sit for about 15 minutes...and then put the screws back in.


They should be nice and tight again...just don't blow out the hole a secosnd time by over crankin' them!

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"Just because it happened to you, it doesn't mean it's important."

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I noticed some of the newer Epi's are coming with Grovers. Grovers are now made in Korea and a lot of the Korean guitars are coming with them. A totally good deal. My son's Epi Les Paul bass came with immitation Gotoh tuners. This is a $500 bass. His $280 Kramer Baretta came with real Gotoh tuning machines. Both are Gibson products made in Korea. Go figure? One of the tuners on the Paul broke recently. (The little nylon washer between the actual key and the machine end. One single washer. The real ones have a series of 5 washers made of 3 different materials) I replaced it with a real Gotoh tuning machine that cost me $10.50. You would think Epiphone could spring for these wouldn't you? His Rogue 8 string bass has 4 real Gotohs and 4 real Grovers. This is a $200 bass, yet the $500 Epiphone used cheap look a like tuners. My Epi G-400 has look a like Gibson Kluson style green key tuning machines. These however work as well if not better than the ones on my Gibson Les Pauls. I also have a Kramer Standard Pro (Gibson product made in Korea again) that came with Gotoh Magnum-Lock tuners and Seymour Duncan pickups. The Epis are supposed to be a step up from the Kramers but are they?


Check them out and see what you think.

A.K.A. TRGuitar
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