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OT: It was gonna happen (YouTube)


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The RIAA is coming down on video uploaders; but not in the way you'd expect. Instead of pursuing those who've uploaded music videos (which admittedly, they may have done and the article decided to focus on the embarassing part) the RIAA is seeking damages from the large amount of people who upload videos of themselves dancing and lip syncing to popular music...

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Originally posted by Xplorer:

Crappy. How would this affect those who upload themselves wailing out cover tunes?

Technically you owe mechanical royalties (in the U.S. anyways) if you offer a cover for distribution. You don't have to be making money off of it, just distributing it. That can include e-mailing mp3's of a cover to friends, giving them cds or posting them on the web. The royalties for video are even more convoluted and expensive.
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Thats pretty lame busting people for dancing over music..


You tube and or google are going to be gone soon enough, you can rest assured. At least where bands are concerned.


I bet it is like Napster.


I remember thinking Napster was AMAZING. But then tha7t went away. Then there was Kazaa, then the industry flooded it with viruses to kill it. It worked.. I quit using it.

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