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jtm 45/100


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I just bought a marshall jtm45/100 reissue stack but there is a noisy buzz from it when i switch on the amp and cab. i have checked the valves and they all seem fine, could it be picking up static from somewhere? Ive tried it in several locations though and its the same? Is there a general buzz from 100w amps anyway? it is a dual output head if that makes any difference..





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Hit this cat with an e-mail that includes the post you just provided. He's an awesome guy. You'll be on your way to resolve within a day or two. He's helped me many times with my Marshalls, and I'm sure he'll be eager to help you.




Good luck,

Hairy :)

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Welcome Ian to the Forum! hope you stick around and become a long time member! OK, well I have owned allot of Marshall amps and loved them all but I don't think I have ever had that kind of problem with any of them, I own a DSL50/JCM200 head and a 1960A bottom now. I assume you didn't buy it new or you would just go back to the dealer with it. You didn't say if this hum is when it has a instrument into it, if your guitar is into it is it a single coil equiped guitar? ..have you swapped out your cable to elimate the possiablility of a bad ground in the cable? Could it be the guitar itself? maybe a bad ground off one of the pickups or input jack ground? OR could it be a bad back cable from the head to the bottom cabinet? I guess you have checked the mains current at different locations. Does it happen when you are plugged into it with the guitar and change intensity when you approach the amp? Answer some of those questions and we will look deeper into it. I have band rehearsal tonight so I will be gone all evening till later tonight, but there are some REAL experts on here and they will come on and help you, I'm just a guitar player not a tech. Talk to you later mate and again welcome aboard, it's a great place for guitarslingers to hang out, you will soon see that!! :thu:
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