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a nice story


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well in the process of repainting the Yamaha pac712, i have decided to drop the humbucker from the pac into the Kramer in my avatar.

it is strung with 9's and only has a tone and a volume pot.

well i was down to ZZZ's last night and we plugged it into the JCM800 50 watt combo......real low action to boot on the Pacer custom 2.

the result?

oh yeah!! i definately need to get the Kramer up and totally running, it was the best thing i have plugged into the Marshall.

even with the kramer bordering on fretting out it frikin rocked!

nice for a 20 year old chunk of floyd rose equipped wood.

between zzzmon and i taking turns on drums we had a blast. i was inspired. some groovy stuff happened.

i am going to put the yamaha on the back burner and load all the pickups into the Kramer for now. :D

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