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Jose Gonzalez - Anyone heard of him?


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Hmmmn...very nice...very Nick Drake the one song I was able to listen to, the video one. I like this kind of stuff a lot. Based on that one song I'd venture this kid has a future in the biz for sure.. I wonder if he has marketed himself in the US yet?


Nice vid, excellent guitar sound!


Sounds like a TC Helicon Voiceworks or Antares Vocal Producer on the vox to me, I like how it works.

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Originally posted by Davo-London:

Apparently it was recorded in his house with a couple of cheap mikes. Is that possible?

Well the video song I listened to had background noise so yeah, it quite possibly was not done in a pristine environment, unless they went for that. I like the lo-fi aspect of it to a point but feel he could do better to go in to a good room with good mics etc. Of course I have no idea what he used, so I may be wrong...I still like the sound of it though....honest.
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