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upgrading my rack FX

SF audio

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I'm running either a pirahna or ADA into a Mesa 50/50 and Mesa 4x12 vintage 30's. I can get the tones I want. Problem is when I patch in the rocktron replifex - while the FX are good, I lose some of that organic, warm, live tube sound when processing through the AD/DA converters. The replifex is an older unit, so I'd expect a little degrading of the signal.


So what are the high end, transparent FX that I'd want to look at? Money is not a concern - willing to spend bucks to get it...TC electronics, lexicon?

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Most of us have found that we prefer external effects...seperate stomp boxes designed to be the best at what they do. So we tend to look at Fulltone, Teese, Analogman, etc.



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