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  1. That's interesting ... I have one Dimarzio Injector, which has a similar structure to the P100, but 2 stacked single coils (if I'm not mistaken, with less wire rounds per bobbin) ... the one I have is for the Neck and I don't like it that much ...
  2. and I thought it was going to be a simple choice ð
  3. Thanks all for the reply ... nothing particular in mind, just start the searching . Since hum for me is a big issue, I'm thinking about replacing the P90. I do enjoy the P90 sound, but i'm good with humbucker sound as well. A bit off topic, but one HB I got and really sound good is a Vintage alnico 2 model from an unknown chinese company named Oripure, really good sounding pickup, good for blues, blues rock, classic rock and also 80ies hardrock. So maybe I could find a humbucking sized version of a P90 with similar sound? DC Resistance for the Oripure hb is around 9 to 10k.
  4. Hi. I would like an explanation about the P94 pickup. Can I put the P94 in P90 slot? or is it the opposite, the P94 was made to be used in a Humbucker sized slot? Thank you in advance, Ken
  5. Another thing I've been doing lately is to use Transcribe! sw and use my ears to learn the tune. No tabs/notation. If there's a video then it helps to see the area on the fretboard the phrase is being played.
  6. Hey. I still prefer Books/PDFs with accompanying Audio against Videos with accompanying PDFs . I think it's faster and easier to find the content than videos.
  7. Thank you all ... hope the app to help ... I usually use it to find my way on different tunings and to find different paths other that the basic 3 notes per string or 2/3 nps we all know ... what's interesting when you go an alternate scale path is that although you're using the same notes, the sequence may change and then your sound changes too ...
  8. Hi everyone, Just posting the info for this app that may be used to learn, study, preview, etc , things related to the guitar fretboard. From Scales, related Modes, Intervals, add/del strings, changing tunings, etc. Nothing fancy, but it helps me so maybe it may help you too. It's free and available as a Google Chrome Extension. Since posting links is a bit suspicious, in case you're interested in, just go to the Google Chrome Store and search for the word: fretnotes or fret{notes} ps. once installed, read the contents in the: Keyboard Shortcuts and the next box that contains info about editing: color, insert and delete notes. With that in mind you're good to use the app. All the Best, Ken
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