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  1. Did the one that originally come with yours had a model # of LJH-186 with a 1amp rating? The one I have hasn't given any problems yet.
  2. +1 on John Tropea - also one of my favorite albums
  3. Really cool build. Would love to hear it thru a cranked Princeton or Deluxe reverb. The neck looks like it is a 10" radius?
  4. Do you mean that you don't have access to a PC or there is no access to a PC with he JV-1080? I can't remember what I did when I had mine, but I think you can perform a MIDI bulk dump of all user data. You just need a MIDI interface for your PC and a free program like MIDI-OX. Probably worth checking out. I see now what you mean - There is a "Bulk Dump" command that I was not aware of ,...hmmmm I'll check into it, thanks!
  5. Unfortunately no DAW with is unit, no access to a PC
  6. Thanks for the info. Yes , backing up is the key here and unfortunately I don't have a Data Storage card, which also uses a battery. A bit risky
  7. Absolutely %100 with this - especially when you're a pro or semi-pro - a gig without at least one practice is unheard of - there's too many variables in assuming that what you play is what the band is playing - 'note for note' is not a prerequisite that is the norm these days.
  8. Hope there are some experts out there that has some experience with the internal battery - I have so many custom pre-sets in the user setting that if the battery dies, I'll be really screwed. I'm not sure how long this battery has been in there or how long it will last. I'm thinking about putting a fresh one in. Question I have is - to prevent the the USR section going back to default, is it ok to replace the battery while the unit is on? Also, checking the manual , there is no mention of what battery P/N is used? Anyone know?
  9. I'm so happy to have grown up in that era , also Question is though is how much of that era of music carries over to the next gen? It's interesting to note that with time , relativity is not a function of age anymore - meaning that in the 60's , songs from the 30's and 40's and 50's were considered so out-dated - yet they were barely about 25-30 years old and rarely were played on the popular radio stations. . Comparing to today where songs from the 60's , 70's , 80's still get much air time. Maybe a few exceptions were the Sinatra/Martin/Crosby crooners (though they continued to make records in the 60's and 70's). FWIW, mediums like Youtube are helping to keep the old classics alive, a good thing.
  10. So true - too much is caught up on tone , precision and technique, and not enough on melody and flow - does this make for an argument that with this mentality , the creativity in song making is lacking? I don't know but in the 60's and 70's , the focus was more on creativity and less on gear and tone. Having listened to a wide range of music - from Elvis to Beatles to John McLaughlin , the music is what drew me in, not so much the tone. Until I heard "Live at the Fillmore East". then all bets were off, LOL - but using CRANKED Marshalls helped
  11. The short lived "Blind Faith" group may have had something to do with Baker and it's 'cup-a-coffee' moment in music history. I read where Clapton was not very keen on him being part of the project and may have some thing to with the break up though it's just a guess on my part because I don't recall EC ever admitting to that being the case.
  12. One particular music 'Documentary' , if you want to call it that, "Bandstand Days", 1 hr length - after about 15 minutes, just turn it off. Basically all the focus was on the dancers - and rehashing their interviews ad-nauseam - no clips on the actual performers. It drew me in thinking that we'd get view some great footage, NOT. Another : "Lynyrd Skynyrd: Rock Case Studies" - True Skynyrd fans, stay away - total nonsense , nothing informative.
  13. Having been involved with computers since the mid 70's , it's just amazing to me how much this technology has evolved that, I just get a kick out using one that would have been the size of about 5 refrigerators back at that time. Have gone thru so many versions and upgrades but it's still a bit nerve racking to see an update taking place - with Windows I haven't a clue what is going down the pipe.
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