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  1. I finally delved into the editor, with similar results. I was able to tweek wurlys, rhodes, and pianos more to my liking. Is there a quick way to limit, or remove completely, the pedal noise for the piano samples?
  2. Thanks guys, both responses are exactly what I was looking to hear. Looks like I'll be spending some time with the editor.
  3. Just wondering what peoples thoughts are on the SV2 editor. I have used it to create some bass/keys splits, for the rare gig that my bass player has to miss. I'm not super interested in creating layers but, if it's worth the time, I could be persuaded to dive into the different amp sims and cabinet combinations. I feel like i've gotten some great A.P., wurly, calv, and rhodes patches just using the front panel, but if anyone has any suggestions, i'd love to hear them.
  4. Not sure why it hasn't dawned on me to boost the bass a bit. Thanks for the input.
  5. Can anyone share with me their favorite Clav settings on the SV2? An acquaintance of mine had the SV1 and I remember being envious of the clav sounds he was using (I've been strictly Nord for a long, long time. Still using an Electro 5 as my top board). I haven't been able to find/tweek one to my liking. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Some great responses, thanks everyone. I've decided to wait. As a few of you have pointed out, it seems like the next model is going to be more than an incremental upgrade. Most of my summer gigs will be outdoors and I usually don't use my macbook for those so i can suck it up and wait another 2-6 months.
  7. My late 2011 MBP died at the very beginning of quarantine. I had upgraded to 16 gig RAM and put in a SSD. I was able to do just about everything I wanted to do with it (running Gigperformer with various plug ins) with a 128 buffer. Only compromise I needed to make, to keep at 128, was to eliminate Amplitube from my EP patches. I was considering the 13" M1 MBP with 16 gig ram with a powered USB hub. It seems like this would be quite an upgrade from what I've been used to. Of course now I'm once again on the fence, given the news that a faster 14" model is on the horizon. Anyone have one of the M1 Macs that they have used for Gigperformer or Mainstage? If I was mostly happy with a late 2011 model, would I be very happy with the current M1 or should I wait on the next big thing? Screen size isn't super important to me and the lure of extra ports is nice, but I can live with using a hub.
  8. Good idea. I"ll hit up the gigperformer forum as well. Thx guys.
  9. Hi all, my late 2011 MBP just died (2.2 i7 w/16 G RAM and SSD, so you know where I"m coming from). I use Gigperformer with a lot of different piano and E piano libraries and an occasional synth. I"m comfortable using a 128buffer, but I did stop using Amplitube on my E pianos as I found it added a touch more latency than I"m cromfortable with. My question; it looks like I can get, for similar pricing, a 2020 MBP 16' with the 9th gen i7 6 core with 16 gig ram or a 13' with 10th gen i7 4 core with 32 gig ram. Both are 500+ SSD (that should cover me with room to spare). Screen size is a non issue...of course the larger screen would be nice but not a factor. I like the idea of the 10gen processor and 32 gig ram, so I guess it really comes down to weather the 6cores will make a big difference over the 4. Any help would be great.
  10. I saw them on the Talk tour and for this song, they brought out a keyboard for Trevor and he played the part live to start the song out. For the rest of the song it's sequenced and Tony Kaye covers the other keyboard parts.
  11. Watching him open with a song from Talk, reminded me that Trevor Rabin was sometimes the most interesting keyboard player in Yes.
  12. Right? I didn't notice it for the longest time and then one day it jumped out at me.
  13. Abrupt decay....you worded it better than me, exactly what I'm hearing. In addition to the think upper register.
  14. I remember this now. I have the Scarbee and Vtines as well. I like them all for different reasons but have been using the Canterbury more. That small sound in the upper registers isn"t great though.
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