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  1. I have been saying ...this is not my favorite guy. I cringe when I see him kiss George Benson's feet and now he is wondering what is wrong with the rest of us. Except for his pitch perfect children of course.I suppose his solution is that we buy his materials ....I don't support him because then pretty soon he starts dominating the interview market....why should someone do an interview when Beato has already gotten to them ? He can't seem to stop putting out this kind of crap. What is wrong with everyone? Except his own family.....no....I cannot support this !!!
  2. I agree with the above post somewhat....the RD700GX is still a great sounding board as is the 300gx. I am keeping an eye out for a 700 or 300 ......or maybe even an FP4 or FP7. The sound engine from my RD300gx still works but it seems fussy about receiving messages from a separate controller....I get basic piano sounds but the other parameters don't quite kick in. If anyone knows how to link up to another controller I would like to hear about it. The Rhodes is gorgeous and beats just about anything except Nord and Korg Kronos. I miss it. The original keybed has some missing tones. The GX series is a classic.
  3. I would like to try a Vent without cabinet simulation yes. I don't hold out much hope that what ever kind of coloration that might be added would somehow equal a cabinet.Quite honestly one of my favorite sounds for Hammond is Pr 40 tone cabinet . I am about ready to take a 45 size cabinet out instead of mess with editing Sims which drive me nuts! This summer I need to put together a Leslie ...I have a Quest van so that shouldn't be too hard.....
  4. Had a snafu with post above anyway....the original Viscount Legend Live has a 30s organ sample that has bass like he describes ...I am not hearing that on any other clones but let me know if I am missing something . I would like to see more videos like this that focus on gear. Particularly I would be curious to know what Brian Auger has been using. Anyway interesting to see that Lee is still around.
  5. Steve I played a 700 gX recently and I was amazed at how good it sounded compared to even modern boards.My Roland RD 300 gX crashed but played it for many years and miss it. The sample you want is Superior Grand. It has good Rhodes too and also good drawbar VK8 sounds. IMO the 700 gX and 300 gX are classics of their period..
  6. It is not a flaw in percussion....Sorry. If I had my way I would not have percussion be part of the spin. To my ear all sims I have heard just give an approximation what an actual Leslie would sound like.....it just nesses with the tone too much for me personally. I don't see where some kind of implementation could help it. ... .
  7. Two things drive me nuts about Leslie Sims one is that the bass is less well defined...the other is that having Leslie sim on percussion sounds distinctively different than a real Leslie. Most of the time I use chorus vibrato....no sim. For me both Mojo and Key B sound good. I am going up to McIntosh Audio today to hear latest and greatest HX3.5 ......hoping to hear good CV from the German.....or to find out why or why not I haven't been able to get that
  8. I hope Hammond Dave is right and that I can get an Alto or some such thing that can be this good. But somehow Dave just seems to think that he can post something less than respectful about a piece of gear.. but if I say something that is not "positive" about Rick Beato....then I am called a "Sad Hater ". Just pointing out a potential double standard here. I respect Dave's right to freedom of speech....but I do not appreciate name calling and labeling my post as being sad hater material. The EV ZLX seems over priced but it can also make my Viscount sing. I am going to be looking into the Alto line and others to have some kind of stereo pair using the ZLX......although not an exact match admiditally.. I am not beyond using something with a larger woofer and more power to get Leslie sim in stereo.
  9. Just as this post appeared...I happened to find a single ZLX 8 inch in Goodwill for 30 bucks....and it works! So I notice that these sell new for $599....wow....I wouldn't pay that much.....except for one thing I hooked it up to Viscount Legend Live and oh my god.....it's possibly the best speaker I have heard for a clonewheel. The percussion never gets shrill like so many other speakers including QSC. It lacks the ability to get loud in the low end before clipping but for the Viscount it just sounds right
  10. I recently came across a CP4 used in the same shop as Roland FP30 x and FP90x. I don't want to come across as a Yamaha hater but the CP4 was much brighter overall than either Roland.Which might be your cup of tea but not mine . What I did hear recently was the new Montage.....Montage X is it?. The Yamaha edginess is gone from this sample....it didn't have those un natural upper harmonics that so many digitals have. I don't suppose there is a lighter weight stage piano with the new Montage sample...? That would be something to pursue.
  11. I highly disagree with the above post that Viscount CV is not right.Going back to 2011 ....I was with Joey D and Dr Lonnie when the Numa 1 first came out. Dr Lonnie's first comment after testing the NUMA was ...."they got the chorus right !" . I have both Viscount and Mojo....I like both of them and of the two I prefer the Viscount sim because... it affects the percussion less than all other sims.The Viscount seems to take the simplest approach.The thing that Mojo really nails is overdrive though.
  12. You cannot mix Trek percussion and chorus vibrato on a CV if you add percussion An A105 was probably the top of the line Hammond of it's time ....more expensive than B3 or even RT3.
  13. DroptopBroham pulls no punches! Really liked the line where he (Beato) puts on his kneepads before he interviewes musicians. . So why do we waste our time this? Because I hate to see someone monopolize the interview market. I also do not like seeing someone suggest i we invest in our " education" using constant threats that he and his film crew might go belly up if we don't drink his Kool Aid. Occasionally I see an interviewer that I might like to listen to but then I think that I am going have to see and hear him kiss ants before he gets to anything important.
  14. Agreed that he seems to think that a lot of people already know what chords he is using. Well....I don't exactly and I don't think many other people do either. As a teacher I think you need to break things down into understandable components. By the way....Joe Pass videos are not that easy to follow and he also seems to assume you already know what he is talking about A lot of skilled players are not patient teachers .
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