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  1. Any opinions on the necessity for a matched pair? With these mics a matched pair costs $100 more than buying 2 separates. I could see if you were going to be doing something like an x-y config but if you record it like BP's piano, the sound sources themselves are slightly varied. I imagine the specs are failry tight to begin with and any difference would be extremely subtle and not audible.
  2. Thanks, that was great Dave. Just the pair and no room mics?
  3. Thanks for the replies. Yes primarily for the same piano, room, etc. And I do plan on reaching out to Matt. Any other mics in similar price range I should be looking at?
  4. Anybody have any experience using these in this application? I'm interested in a matched pair but can find very little about using them on piano.
  5. Any further updates on using the Mini k47s on a grand piano? I was thinking of buying a matched pair. Roswell is just a few miles from my home.
  6. Just got my Kronos 2 73. Now waiting for the Korg case before I can gig it.
  7. Left my drum throne at a gig in San Jose- 2 hours away. Rather than drive there I bought a QuikLok BZ-7 musician's seat. Built like a tank. Oh and a Kronos 2 73 but I'm still waiting for that to be delivered.
  8. Sorry, I couldn't even venture a guess but these are kind of relics by todays standards. I'm sure its huge in a road case.Most people use a sub/top kind of set up. It's also more difficult selling one speaker than a pair. But the EVS were great sounding boxes. Perfect for Keys. We had 2 of them in our showroom at Dyno-My-Piano. Sometimes you can check EBAY and click on "completed listings". If any of these have sold recently, it will be listed there with the selling $. Good luck JP
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