Well, this is very frustrating. Like the NBA and Disneyland, we too need to close the doors to events. This is the second time my book event has been canceled. Puhhhhh. 

There is currently no date for a future event. We live in strange, strange times right now, and most anything that has a decent crowd has been canceled. Thank you so much for your patience. 

Since everyone is hoarding toilet paper in preparation for the impending virus, I would encourage all involved to also hoard copies of "Abandoned Southern California: The Slowing of Time". If people feel they will spend that much time on the throne, they deserve good reading material. I'm here to help. www.kenleephotography.com will get that done.

Please let other people know that it is canceled. I really try my best to let everyone know, but it is so hard to do.
"Abandoned Southern California: The Slowing of Time" @ Valley Relics (Sunday March 22nd is canceled). 

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