Not technically 'song writing ' but it takes some work to cover a movie sound track on keys.

I enjoy many movie soundtracks. Its the first thing to check out when in front of the TV when watching a new flick.

1 of my favorite composers of this genre is the late great John Barry, who did numerous covers of James Bond films.

Yes, this movie example is 'old ' and I am hooked on nostalgia.

Over a year ago, I figured out a medley of John Barry's movie score on Kronos:

- have the license to perform and record this soundtrack from the
1967 James Bond movie.

My version has more ' attitude', in a way, since I used loud drums/rhythm.
Instrumentation from 1967 vs 'today ' is somewhat different, so it was fun
to figure out how to take it further.

Hope you enjoy the music.

Have you recorded/created any movie soundtracks ? Or cable TV series stuff ?

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