Hello invisible people !!! I hope you are well!

I see that life in this section of the forum is sleepy, perhaps it is due to the Autumn.
Today I leave you this song, I think it will entertain you.


when I look back
I realize that Time
is an instant
after another
anothe another another

It just happens
and can shake your way
like that foot
that inthe road
kicks away a stone

And so launched
I'll fly
into mirror shards
in the space of my dreams
my dreams

Surrounded by that music
that one sings
to ward off fear

I don't know why
I am still a draft

May be I can't change
what is born like this

May be may be may be
I'll find the missing chip
waiting for me
one more time

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I did not know that to live I had to die so many times