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Feels Good To Just Rock

Tone Taster

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I tell ya, after a LONG day of dealing with pesky bureacrats yesterday, it felt so good to just come home, plug in, crank the overdrive as far up as possible, and just rock.


My normal routine is mostly machine like. I first turn on the metronome and go for an all out ass whippin' practice session where I exclusively focus on things I CANNOT DO and usually save all the riffing/jamming for the weekends with the band.


But man, what a release yesterday for the first licks of the day comin out of a cranked, overdriven amp and just wailing away over a ringing open A powerchord with major pentatonic/minor pentatonic blues-rock riffs interspersed

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Maybe that's what I need to do - take my guitar somewhere I can crank it up! Not playing out lately, and at home I have to play acoustic or fight with the (#@$)*# neighbors....


Not that playing acoustic isn't a good release, too, if you get down with it!


Re: bureaucrats. At my previous job I had to deal with a brain-dead bureaucracy at a bank, and I certainly understand the frustation. They say, truth is the first casualty of war, and in a bureaucracy, it's COMMON SENSE! There is nothing so simple that they can't invent a "count the hooves and divide by 4" solution for it....and then have to hire people to monitor the hoof counting and make flowcharts of same...


What's the first casualty of electric guitar playing?

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There ain't nothing like it. I love the night shift; roll out of bed late, start the coffee and crank the amp. On day shifts the family is home before I am....ain't quite the same.


I've got a few weekly jams where things get pretty loud, but our song selections don't typically jive....so Band In a Box and an empty house is where I have the most fun.

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