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Band Opportunity in Korea!


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As a soldier in Korea from 2000-2001 I put together an all-soldier band that was hired by the Army's Morale Welfare and Recreation (MWR) Department. We were paid $500 a show, and typically played 7-8 shows a month. WE WERE AN EXCEPTION!


The Army hires numerous civilian bands every year to perform in Korea on 4-month tours. A lot of bands do not know about this.


Here are the main details:


- Play 85-110 shows total (5-6 nights a week)

- Army Pays for travel over and back and lodging

- Must submit DVD or VHS of live performance

- Must CD and Pomro Packet

- You tell Army how much you wnat per show - $500 minimum is my suggestion


All the specific details are in this meomo:


MWR Band Korea


So, if you are in band that all the members can tour, this could be a great gig.


The individual that hired my band still works there (his contact info is in memo) I can put in a good word for anyone interested and help faciltate the process.

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You could probably check out the U.S.O. for this kind of stuff too. I don't know the site but I'm sure a Google search will turn up something.


I actually got to see Steve Morse on one of these U.S.O. shows many years ago. Unfortunately, he was doing his brief stint with Kansas then so he really didn't let loose on the axe.

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Nowadays the USO pretty much sticks to name acts donating their time vs. AFE (Armed Forces Entertainment) who provide unknown acts for tours all over the world. I accompanied a band to the Middle East 6 months after 9/11 for a month and spent a week, over July 4th that same year, in Guantanamao Bay, Cuba.


It was a great experience. The troops were the best audiences I've every seen. Of course, they were stationed in places like Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Afghanistan and Pakistan and onboard the JFK and Vicksburg. Otherwise, there really wasn't a lot of American entertainment. They treated us like royalty, and we played extra shows, in turn. I encourage anyone to take part, if possible. You'll never forget the experience.

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