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Guitarseat pics/ spammish in a cool way


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i mentioned my buddy from work had been busy making a guitar stand/seat. i finally got some pics. is this cool or what?

i have had opportunity to hear the trials and tribulations of making a product and patenting the idea firsthand from Steve.

i mentioned this awhile back and finally have pics.

the "faux" tuning keys fold up to hold the neck and fold down when in seat mode.

the "body" is the seat and folds down when in "stand" mode.



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Looks great. It would be nice to see a pic with it "sitting" mode. It also doesn't look terribly portable.


Also, is he going to put any padding on the pegs at the bottom? I wouldn't want to put a guitar down on that bare wood. Afraid I'd ding or scratch it if it slipped a little.

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i know Steve and his partner has alot sunk into this just on patents alone. i hope he gets to reap some rewards. Steve is a great guy who has done alot of work for me. fretjobs and wiring to name a few.

he has promised me more pics. they have tried contacting some makers to see if they were interested in it. the "body" can be any shape.

it would be cool to see a Fender strat seat.

i like the idea myself.

does this look like a winner or a neat idea that doesn't have a market?

i am still waiting to see the website when they get it up.

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