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Swart 6V6 se Amp added to Lava Cable Raffle!


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$799.00 Retail:




This is what Fat Sound Guitars says about it:


Hands down one of the coolest little 5 watters on the market. The number of amplifier companies building this "type" (meaning 8" speaker, 5 watt) of amp these days is really staggering. It's a hot market. We have tried at least 8 variations on this theme just in the past year alone. In my opinion there are two that really rise above the pale and offer something truly special and useable. The Dr Z Mini Z with its more British influenced chime and definition and..... the Swart Tweed ST.


The Tweed ST has strong Tweed Champ influences with that amp's reedy midrange and sweet tonality, but the Swart offers a tighter low end....it's really tight!......better overall definition and a smoother, less biting/harsh top end. It is a very easy amp to play and works beautifully with all manner of guitars/pickups.


For classic 50's American tone with better low end and a better feel at around the house or recording volumes this is the best I have played.


The Space Tone amplifier is inspired by Classic designs from the single-ended ALL VALVE era 50's. The Circuit is a customized Fender Princeton 5F2/5F1 Champ derivative that borrows the best from both topologies. The tone and clean to distortion characteristics are excellent.


The Supro inspired cabinet, made by woodworker Clark Thomas, is finger jointed pine and covered with select fabric that combines good wear with vintage style. .


The ST-6V6se circuit is hand wired, point to point by Michael Swart. There are no Circuit or turret boards resulting in the most direct path. Cloth wire is used for hookup. Simply put, there are no semiconductors or solid state diodes anywhere as the Space Tone is 100% valve powered. Tubes include the excellent JJ 12AX7, Electro-Harmonix 6V6GT, and NOS 5Y3. It's a Pure triode front end into the great 6V6 all cleaned by 5Y3 tube rectification.


Sound is amazingly BIG. Go from super clean to TUBE distortion with the turn of the volume knob


Swarts Amps

Lava Man


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