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Indiana Acoustics.....

EmptinesOf Youth

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Anyone ever play one of these? The Music Go Round I was gonna try and pick up that Vox cambridge 15 from them but it wasnt there. I didnt have time to play but i noticed they had a bunch of Indiana acoustics there, and they werent too expensive. So, if they give me enough for my old ibanez i think i might get one....anyone kknow anything about these?



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I bought a Madison a few years ago for under $100.00. It's so-so.


Two things that made it acceptable were a professional setup and new tuners. The finish is great, and they certainly sound better than the GC house brand Mitchells or the Sam Ash Rogues of the same price range.


I gave it to an aspiring player last year, but I think it was worth the money. but you definitely will need a good setup and probably new tuners.


Oh, and the strings are complete crap.

"For instance" is not proof.


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