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$700.00 dollar windfall!


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I just did a job for a guy who owns a music store and have a $700.00 credit. I'm thinking maybe a preamp that will double as a recording preamp and an overdrive unit for a clean guitar amp or PA. Also, I just bought a behringer fcb 1010 midi foot controller, so something that could respond to that would be cool. My setup consists of a crate amp or PA depending on the gig, for a flamenco guitar with a midi convertor driving a sound module, and an electric guitar which i play only a little. I'd like to be able to use the foot controller to dial in midi sounds and also change the tone of the electric. Unfortunately i'm kind of a mididiot and this foot controller looks daunting. Any suggestions?
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Midi is pretty easy. Just a different set of simple skills are needed to get with it, really (basic literacy, the will to crack a manual, patience not compromised by methampohgetamines or crack). But you can always take lessons from someone locally to begin to understand it if the manuals or the books that explain it are daunting for you. I used to teach MIDI back when it was relatively new. Actually got a few guys through college classes on electronic music, guys who started out with absolutely no computer skills or keyboard background.


And for what you currently require, this will be basic indeed.

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look into the DigiTech GNX4




It has Midi in and out so your can trigger you sound module, It has the preamp section, effects section, and the pedal board you're looking for. It also is a full blown recording system with bundled recording software (32 stereo track Calkwalk Pro Tracks +) it also has an on board midi drum machine, dbx mic pre in....and more


Plus with a $700 credit you'll still have money left over!....

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