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Hi, I'm Buzz Overkill from the marketing firm of Hype, Hype, Repetition & Overkill.


My client has been criticized for describing his music as "jazzy rock". While it's true he plays with a rock tone over jazz harmonies, perhaps there is a better description.


Other than "pretentious crap", what do you say?


Thanks in advance,

:wave: Buzz

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Now, I have listened to your client and I firmly belive that the term "Jazzy Rock" is not only self supporting but absolutely correct.


This talented man has made some very important strides in the field of music. The only drawback is, he requires a different press agent.


I realzie that you are doing a great job Buzz, but have you really looked around? There is this psyco-woman with large (Excuse the term) fun bags, around here who I'm sure would be more then happy to take over your clients case.


Through a steady and methodical pounding she will grind your clients name into everyone's head untill they cry for mercy.


Now that's talent!

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