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Building a small 2x12 cabinet. tips?


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Hi, I'm planning to construct my own little 2x12" cabinet, one that fits right underneath my Fender Hotrod Deluxe amp (same width and depth measures).


I want to build a small but powerful cabinet and was wondering (as I have no experience at this whatsoever) if my design could work properly...


This is what I've come up with so far:



The front plate holding the two speakers is slanted to have the speakers aim at my ears when I stand a couple of meters in front of it.


Is this cabinet large enough to house two 12" speakers? Should I leave part of the back side open (like the fender amp itself) or closed?


Any help is appreciated.

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Your cab looks a bit cramped. I'd make it taller and mount the drivers vertically instead of staggered. Since you amp is open back, I'd make the cab closed back which should give you a huge sound (I used to run an open back Boogie combo with a closed back extension speaker and they compliment each other well).


Cabinet volume isn't real critical with guitar speakers, but there's an easy math formula to use with your chosen driver specs that'll give you optimum volume if you want to do a search on speaker building. I usually just copy other designs or do the math.


The main thing to worry about is material and construction technique. Use 'birch' (hardwood) plywood. MDF and particle board are great for home speakers but suck for anything you move from place to place. Cut your wood carefully and use a good quality white glue to assemble. I use 'Titebond' as the Elmer's sucks. Use wood screws every three to four inches and you'll have a cab that lasts.


Good luck.

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