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guitar help/question


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i am getting an american strat and i was always curious about the difference between the delux and the standard.


also, i was thinking about getting a line 6 amp but i am not sure i want to stray too far from tubes. i may get the fender 2x12 hot rod. i play a crate 50w vintage club tube head now but the fender is so much brighter.



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www.fender.com to sort out the strat question.


to tube or not to tube is a highly individual question. i think the hot rod with a strat is a great combo. don't have any experience with the crate, so cant help there.


best bet would be to take the guitar you end up with and try the amps back to back and see which one grabs ya.


good luck, and welcome to the forum. :wave:

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What initailly looks like a lot of options (with the Line6) drills down to not very many at the end of the day.


I'm a big believer in get an Amp for what it's like as an amp, and get effects for what you need in the way of effects.


You shouldn't buy a car becuase of the stereo.

You shouldn't buy a house because of the wallpaper.

You shouldn't buy an amp for built in effects.


Just my 2 cents...

How can we fight ignorance and apathy?

Who knows! Who cares!

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