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Dean acoustic... wow!


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Heck, I went to the music store, killing time today, waiting for brother. I just bought a cheap Takamine ($269) in there for a backup. A Carvin Cobalt is on the way, assuming it will be main guitar. Will send it back, if I don't like it.


So, I'm in there to look at Larivee, which was mentioned on here. I tried several, none tripped my trigger. In fact, I played about 20 guitars.


Played a black Takamine that was great. Then, I hit a Dean. Played several Deans. Then, an Exotica Quilt Supreme SP AM, whatever that means. I think it has spruce top, laminated quilted maple back and sides. The dang thing is so pretty, it almost looks too good to be true for $550. It's gorgeous. The spruce is stained darker than normal. It has a Fishman elecronics.


This guitar plays and sounds fantastic. I was really enamored with the $800 black Takamine. It played great but I played them for a long time and the Dean was better. I also plugged them in.


When that Carvin gets in, if I don't like it, I will buy this Dean. Assuming it's still there.


They also make one with rosewood but they didn't have one. They make some of these with 1 5/8" at the nut. The one I played, going by website specs, is 1 3/4" at the nut. My Taylor 310kce was 1 5/8", I'm almost sure. Regardless, the Dean played great and I have short fingers.


I tell ya... I have no trouble playing barre chords, play them lots but I noticed how effortlessly the Dean fretted a barre F chord. I mean, it was crystal clear notes and felt EASY. I was impressed.


This sure seems like a LOT of guitar for $550. (Even the Taylors and Martins I played didn't equal to this Dean.) I don't know if he'll come down from that.


Side note... the kid that the busy manager put me off on... there is no way I will buy from him. I'll find the kid I bought from a few days ago. Today, this kid... get this... while I'm playing plugged in, testing the Dean and the Takamine back and forth, this idiot is playing his ass off WHILE I'M PLAYING. I could not get a true test, due to his wanking. I will tell the manager. Else the kid has no chance in sales. I guess he was showing off or something. I wanted to say "Would you shut the hell up?"


Comments on these Deans?

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You're saying that this kid who was supposed to be waiting on you was playing while you were trying out the axes? What a doofus! :freak:


There's a dealer in town that sells Dean guitars. I have played a few and they are impressive guitars. Maybe when and if you decide and flash the cash he'll give you an even better deal. :thu:

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Originally posted by tiger85:

You're saying that this kid who was supposed to be waiting on you was playing while you were trying out the axes? What a doofus!

Heck yeah. I was trying two guitars. I'd play one, he'd take the other and sit not three feet away and wank his ass off. I like the store owner, I really should tell him. Losing sales.

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