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This is either really simple or really complez


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I searched the internet and forum, but there were no solutions to my exact problem.


On my acoustic guitar, there is a buzz that sounds when I play my open "G" string. The standard explanation that I saw on the forum and internet is that my nut is causing the problem. However, the buzz is emanating not from my nut or any fret, but from the tuning machine. I tightened the metal nut on the tuning machine, and tightened the screws as well, but this did not solve matters.


Did I not tighten enough? I'm not sure what tool to use. Thanks.

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I forgot to say: this only happens when the string is tuned up, and only happens when it is played rather hard.


I have a headache. I have a feeling I'm going to be wearing sackcloth and ashes for my oversights.

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one other cause of "buzzing" is the truss rod. if you have a weird buzz that isn't the frets or loose parts it may be the truss rod. any problems with the truss rod should be checked by a good tech. a broken or extremely loose rod will vibrate in the neck.

tap the back of the neck with your finger and listen for a rattle inside. i had this problem when i bought a used pacifica that the store had loosened the rod way too much. please don't mess with a truss rod unless you really know what your doing. on electrics you can get buzzes from so many things, the wiring under a pickguard can vibrate when certain notes are played. pickup adjustment springs are guilty occasionally. the list goes on. if an open string buzzes i would check the note on other parts of the neck. on an accoustic it could be a brace that resonates from a certain note.

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I had the exact same problem (machinehead-buzz) on an old Ibanez years ago.

It went in and out of 3 shops, but no-one could fix it.


Solution: Replace the tuners.

Outcome: No more buzz.


Good Luck :wave:

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