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Eruption - on the Violin

Hound Dog

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Awesome stuff...loved the feedback effect!

I thought he did a prtty good job of handling the tw handed stuff.


I mean c'mon...have YOU ever tried playing that part 1 handed?

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That's amazing! :eek:


I'll look for any traces of Nigel Kennedy playing Purple Haze and link it up if I can find it. I saw him do this a decade ago on a TV special about his virtuosity and rebelliance in conforming to the classical image.


You guys ever see Jean Luc Ponte? :thu:

I still think guitars are like shoes, but louder.


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This is what happens when all those kids who were trained, starting at age 3, in the Suzuki method of violin grow up. I like the semi-maniacal grin on his face as he plays it.


Around 7 or 8 years ago I saw a performance by a young classical composer of a piece entitled "the Road Not Taken" or something like that. He used an ensemble of about 20 members of the N.O. symphony. The violin solo was heavily influenced by VH. Pretty cool.

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OK, the guys a freak, but it's a GOOD freak! I tried to see if the domain ahd a home page, but it just shows a welcome page with under construction, a contact link, and a link to hi-fi/lo-fi versions of that crazy $h!#.


I'd like to see what other music he is playing.


FJ - love the avatar. My son sees the squirrels running about our yard and calls them "kitties" Ours do not have telecasters however.

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