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Hey Bluestrat


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Originally posted by picker:

Do you have a parts list and/or layout for your Bassman power amp?

Not at the moment. I never drew a layout for it, and I've built it two different ways. There's a schematic for the power amp on my schematic page , and the values should be accurate for the blackface Bassman power transformer from New Sensor. I'd also recommend their blackface Bassman output transformer that has the multi-tap secondary winding so you can use different cabs with it.


I use two different power transformers, one with a 50V bias supply tap and one without. The one without was a Hammond 270FX, if I remember right. I had to design my own bias supply for that one. The other was a blackface Bassman transformer from New Sensor .


*edit* The 1000uF in the bias supply should be somewhere between 10uF and 50uF. 22uF is probably best.


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