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center freqs for amplifier EQs?


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I was mucking around with my amp modeler last night (a Digitech GNX1) and for the first time in the two years I've had it, I noticed the center frequencies for the EQ controls on the amp. The default values are: bass = 150Hz, mid = 550Hz, treble = 3.2Khz. (I say default values because you can change these to be whatever you want.)


So my question is, what do real amps use? If someone knows values for a particular amp model that would be great, but I'm also asking in a general sense. I guess some of these values surprised me. But then again, what do I know?




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I don't know for certain, but I assume different amps/ different manufacturers will have different specs. That's part of what creates their individual tones. And I would guess that is also why the amp modelers give you the capability of adjusting these frequencies.


Can anyone either back that up, or tell me if I'm wrong?

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Those numbers are pretty typical of three-band guitar EQs, but there are certainly variations of as much as an octave.


And the differences contribute to a given amp's "character" as you might expect.


Thing is, duplicating band knees and centers on your box probably won't exactly duplicate the eq knobs effect on a given tube amp, 'cuz the eq filter type is different, and yours is active, rather than passive.


While a little diligent Google searching will probably yield some amp tone-stack info, I usually get the best "direct" guitar sounds just experimenting on my own. ;)

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