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Kramer Ripley (Stereo)


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I have! The local Kramer dealer in my hometown had one when they were first available. I don't remember the color (it was either black or off white) but I did get to play it a bit, through two amps. Very cool, indeed! Unfortunately, it didn't have the optional hexaphonic distortion circuit. There's a picture of it that accompanied an interview with EVH In a Guitar World. Cover photo. Eddie had (has?) a pink/white finished Ripley with the distortion.


The neat part about the distortion was it processed each string individually. The resulting sound was similar to Brian May's recorded sound on Queen records, where instead of chords played once, they recorded melody and harmony lines on separate tracks, yielding a very sweet, bell like timbre, for chordal movement.


I haven't seen one, up close, since. :(

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