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Dear Santa.....

Guitar Geezer

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That's cool. As far as guitar gear, I want a bone nut for my blue strat, a complete setup job for my Rogue, and a knob that fits the selector switch on my Tele (why can't I get a knob that works!).


Oh, and an Ampeg Jet II would be nice. :D


a.k.a. "El Guapo" ;)


...Better fuzz through science...



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I don't need new gear, just more time to play the stuff I've got :(:)

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Well, I'm going to be corny here, I'm sure, but since I've been given the opportunities to pick up most of the gear I could ever want, I'm asking Santa to take care of all my friends here at the forum. I'm hugging my monitor right now...are you hugging yours?




p.s. If none of you give a rat's ass about my sentiments, and/or if Santa was really impressed here my me, I suppose I wouldn't turn away either a 70's Hiwatt 50-watt head or a Blockhead 50 watter :wave:

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I don't need new gear, just more time to play the stuff I've got
That sounds like my wish right there! That could be #1.


Oh and world peace(#2)


and another phase of great popular music that rocks, with driving guitar sounds(#3)


Somehow I think I have the power in me to make them all come true. #1 could give me time to actually spend the time and effort to give the world some great music. That could make the world nicer place full of happier people, which could bring #2 around.

Check out some handcrafted guitars:


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I saw a guitar I'd love to have, I don't see it happening for awhile but, I saw this Gretsch with a Les Paul shaped body, dark natural finish, white pick guard, crome pick-ups, looks like a dream to play, sounds incredible, and just drop dead gorgeous guitar.


I saw the guitar in a Cowboy Junkies DVD video, played by Michael Timmins, on the song "Dragging Hooks".

Living' in the shadow,

of someone else's dream....

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