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installing the randy rhoads 3 tremelo


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Is this based on the original Rhoads model, or is this a floyd rose type? The floyds use a screw collar that goes to the short end of the trem bar. You attach that to the screw thread on the bridge, where the trem arm goes.


As for the original model, or the cheaper ones, you simply screw it on like a Strat's. In this case, there should be a spring inside the hole on the trem bridge that holds the trem arm in place.


Could you try giving us a page where your guitar's listed, like on the Jackson guitars website, so we can get more details on the particular model? That would help a lot. :)


Oh, and welcome to the forums! :thu:

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Actually, now that I think about it, it's not supposed to click. You can tighten the screw collar well enough so that the trem arm moves smoothly, right? I guess what I should be asking is if it falls out while you're using it? You're using the standard type of trem arm there.


As far as I know, the only tremolos that have trem arms that click on are the ones on Ibanez guitars, like my RG560. Their Edge tremolos are the ones with the click on trem arms.


For more info on how to use the Floyd Rose on your guitar, check out this doc. Even though it's for Fender guitars, the info on the Floyd Rose contained in there should help you out. (Fender now owns the Jackson brand.) Don\'t forget the Adobe Reader if you don\'t have it yet.


So long as the trem arm stays on while you're using it, you should be okay.


Have fun. :cool:

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Here are a few pages that might help. I tried looking for Inernet video of players using the tremolo, but no go. If you happen to have any videos of, say, Steve Vai, Eddie Van Halen, or even Pantera or Slayer, especially live videos, you'd get a good idea of how the whammy bar is used.


I would've said Megadeth, but Dave Mustaine wasn't much of a whammy guy (and still isn't; just look at his new signature ESP model ). :)


The pages:


fun with your whammy bar


whammy bar

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