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HELP! Logic, ProTools, Cubase, or something else....


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Hi folks,

I need your help. I'm researching into getting some Mac based home recording software but I can't decide on what I need. Can anyone here give me recomendations on what I should get?


What I have so far is a 16-channel mixer hooked up to a Tacam US-122 Audio Midi interface (which came with Cubasis VST).


What I would like is software that handles more then 8 audio tracks, is a good loop generator (with a lot of instruments), has plenty of plug-ins, has a score window and will alow me to write notation (including drums), and allows me to modify the raw sound files.


Can I get that in one box? And if so are we talking about Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase or something else all together?


As a side note, I do have Home Studio XL on the PC which only costs $150 or so and seems to have everything in it. So I guess I'm lookin for something like that on the MAC. but I also want to know what is the difference between this lower end product and some of the upper end products?


Any help will be appreciated.



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