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Hey, I play with 10. gauge strings, and apparently they arent supposed to be light, but when i play with them, every note seems out of tune or somthing, and its because the strings are slightly bending every note i play, and it takes a lot of consentration to stop them from bending. This never happened on my Strat, but it does on my gibson, should i try a slightly heavier gauge?
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What model Gibson are you using - i.e. does it have a fixed bridge or tremolo?


If it's a fixed bridge, bending one string should not really affect other strings/notes. However, this can happen to either a mal adjusted tremolo.


I use a Tremsetter trem stabilizer on all my trem guitars to solve this problem.

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I used to teach my students when they practiced their chords and scales to pretend the neck was an open tube of toothpaste, and not to spill any.


Sounds like you may have wasted the whole tube on your first chord. :D


I would suggest practicing using a lighter touch. Work on NOT letting it go out of tune.


Also going up to 11's or 12's may help some. But it doesn't really address the cause of the problem.


Good luck

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