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Reverand Hellhound

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I just got one a few weeks ago. I'm still getting used to it but it's a really nice amp in my opinion. I had a Fender HotRod for a few years and wanted something a little different. I've gigged with it 3-4 times now and it looks like it's a keeper. It's great for recording too.


My only complaint about the amp is that it sounds a bit "boxy" if you're standing right in front of it. The combo has a small cabinet and sometimes it sounds small when you stand right next to it. BUT, if you stand about 10 feet in front of it, it sounds huge. It also sounds great if you throw a mic in front of it.


Is there anything specific you want to know about it?

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Well, both actually. It's got a switch on the front marked "Schizo". The settings are "US" which sounds kind of Fendery and "UK" which sounds kind of Marshally (not high gain though).


The "US" is cleaner although you can boost the gain knob to get a little grind. This is the mode that I use when I gig since it's more receptive to outboard OD/Distortion.


The "UK" mode gives you more of a drive boost and is more mid-rangey. I only really use this channel for recording but it's very useful.


If you'd like, I can record a few samples and post them.

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