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"Home study VS College"

Pretzel logic

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Hey dudes,I have noticed that alot of people here have gone to school fore music ed.I'm studying jazz and theory thru corespondence with a teacher in california.I would love to go to GIT or Berkely,but i have a family, and the tuition is outrageous.I think being around highly skilled musicians would speed things up dramaticly.When going thru a down spell it would be nice to have a theory freak or two to drive me to the next level.Has anyone here attended one of these schools,am i really missing out on something great. :wave:
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I've never been, but I'd love to go.


My keyboard player majored in music (of some sort) and he thought it was GREAT!


The two leaders of our music ministry did the same. Granted, they do music as a career, but they are phenomenal musicians! The wife-half of the couple can sing INCREDIBLY well, and now their daughter is so good, it's almost scary!




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I come from a family of music teachers (Piano, Piano and ALL wind instruments). Of course, since it was family, I never took advantage of it. I had a "Music Appreciation" course in college that I enjoyed very much. I enjoyed and did well on the piano and the teacher even told me that I had a very good voice for popular music, but I was too shy and thought I had a terrible voice. I finally found out, five years ago?, after thirty years that he was right. I do have a pleasing voice, just not trained.


I guess I'm saying, "Take some kind of formal training." I'm fortunate in that the local university (Winthrop) is about 2-3 miles from my house and is highly regarded in music. I may try it out now that I'm almost ready to retire. I should have done it before I started to work. If you can, it would benefit your musical work.



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Having a [good teacher can help you focus, especially on areas that you might tend to avoid, but even then I'd suggest pursuing your own studies & , perhaps at different times, seeking ideas & lessons from more than a single source---the wider your influences, the wider your exposure to other ideas.

I don't think any single source will give you all the approaches that you get otherwise.


You can also get "lessons" just from playing with skilled, knowledgable musicians willing to explain their own ideas/approaches to you.

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