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Gerhart Update


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Thanks to Myles and some others, I was able to track Gary Gerhart down. He apologized profusely for "going dark" on me, and after a bit of additional waiting, I got the Gilmore amp a couple of days ago.


As indicated by Myles, it is an amazing amp. It is tremendously touch sensitive and really does sound like a huge Marshall, but with its own unique characteristics. Trmendous bottom end, as well. I play it through a Tone Tubby 12" cab and it results in a wonderfully warm, yet aggressive tone.Gary and I both agree that it would not cut it as a gigging amp, and it was not designed for that use.


I'd highly recommend this amp as a recording/home studio amp (just don't be in a hurry ;) ). It is a great complement to my 6L6-based Kingsley. The best of both worlds!


Thanks again to those who helped me "re-find" Gary. It was worth the wait.

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