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Dobro Pickup


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Does anyone know of a good Dobro pickup? I want something that sounds acoustic. I'm tired of fighting feedback with a condenser mike and have some gigs coming up with a band where I can use the Dobro a lot more. I don't want it to sound like my lap steel and its a 1930 model so I'm not real keen about drilling holes.
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Check Janet Davis Music . There are three different pickups there.




makes some nice bisuit bridge pickups.


K & K is another source for both biscuit and spider bridge pickups.


The Lace & Fishman I've heard good things about. Then the Shadow. There seem to be lots of issues with the McIntyre pickups & I know nothing about the ones from K & B.


Our Joint


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Originally posted by gotMYgit:

You also might want to check out what Jerry Douglas uses......this should have you drooling!



Great site, however I see Jerry using condensors at almost every show I've seen him perform. I gather that the band is too loud, or PA might be set up wrong.
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