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wot guitars did Satriani use?


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Yes, I've always seen him use some sort of Ibanez. For some reason I have a picture in my mind of him playing a Strat but I doubt he ever used one. :freak:
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"Surfing With the Alien" was recorded with a pair of Ibanez prototypes. One had the 540P body style. Not sure about the other.


The 540 series of guitars originally had 3 models - the slim 540S Saber which became the successful "S" series, the angular 540P Power which was discontinued, and the rounded 540R Radius which evolved into the Joe Satriani model.


All were designed to be ergonomic and futuristic. They were designed by Rich Lasner who also designed the Yamaha Pacifica and is now with Modulus.

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Originally posted by satchvai:

He briefly used a kramer Pacer guitar..he used it to record Satch Boogie

yes i believe i have read that somewhere, i recall he played through a boss ds1 and a roland jazz chorus 120 for the surfing tracks? i make be off though. i read it quite awhile ago. i thought at the time it was a pretty strange setup for rock guitar. can anyone verify this?
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