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Rack mounting mania


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Hello all, after reading the boards for god knows how long I decided to register and be annoying.


Some of the gigs my band plays aren't the best in terms of space to get your gear ready before you get on the stage. The only stuff I bring up with me is a Boss stompbox tuner, instrument, head, and cab, but now that I finally bought a wireless I will have just that much more to hook up and untangle.


I want to move to a rack mounted setup. Right now I am only playing bass in this band but I hope to be using this rig for both bass and guitar. So far in the rack I have my wireless and power distributor, and I want to add a tuner to there. Is there a good way to mount my stompbox in there or should I just spend the money on a rack tuner? Hopefully with our cd release a week away we'll have the band's bank account out of the hole and make some money so I won't feel so bad about splurging on the rack.


Another thing I was considering is putting the bass head I'm using in the rack as well. I'm not even sure of the model number, but it's probably a few years old; an ampeg solid state model. I'm not even sure that I can take it out of the rack it's in now and mount it in a standard one, but do you think it's a good idea to keep it separate anyway? Or if anybody knows if it's even possible to rack it, I think it's the predecessor to the ampeg b2r.


Thanks guys


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You can find rack "shelves" that simply have the bottom portion going back about 15 inches. These are 1 space to even 5 space in height. Tuners and sich can fit on the 1 or 2 space sizes.


If the Ampeg head is 17 inches wide or less it could fit into a rack on one of these shelves. musiciansfriend.com has them, I believe.

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