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Seymour Duncans vs.Rio Grande Humbuckers


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I'm having a problem deciding on pickups.If I get Seymour Duncans I'll get '59 s neck and bridge but I can't stop thinking about the Rio Grande pickups their popular combo is their Texas model in the neck and the BBQ model in the bridge.I'm hoping you guy's can possibly help me make a choice. My Epi Les Paul Standard is the guitar I'm going to put the pickups in.
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I like the Duncans, but I don't know anything about the Rio Grande stuff. If I were looking for a cool combo of 'buckers for a LEs Paul, I'd get a '59 for the neck, and a JB for the bridge. I have that setup in my Hamer Special FM, and it rocks. The coils split nicely, too. I had a push/pull pot switch put in for the tone knob, and cut the two inside coils. It really works well with those pickups.

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I can only vouch for the Duncan's Picker mentioned as well. My Schecter C7 came with a JB/59 setup and I agree they sound awesome as buckers as well as tapped.


Though just from your question, the names of the Rio Grande pickups made me hungry and curious enough to check em out ;)

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