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Audere JZ Onboard Preamp Evaluation. . .


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Just got done with my third night with my newly-bought and newly-installed Audere Audio onboard preamp -- the JZ ready-to-install version with Bass, Mid, Treble, Pan controls and Z-Mode switch.


The Bass: Made-in Japan Fender Geddy Lee Jazz Bass (with modifications) --


Pickguard: Brown Tortoiseshell;

Pickups: Bartolini 9-V (old);

Tuners: Stock, except for Hipshot BT-2 D-Tuner;

Strings: Ernie Ball Slinkys, 45-105.

PLUS: Audere Audio drop-in three-band preamp. Let's get down to details:


My Opinion: :P


Overall, very nice. Very versatile, too. Very natural, "Woody" timbre. . .I flattened the EQ on my channel on the FOH board, as I'm only going through the PA and monitors. I wanted this to be a fair test of the electronics *and* the bass, overall, so that's what I did. . .And it sounds fine like that. . .BTW, the monitor in question is an old Community wedge (early 80's?)with a 12 inch JBL and (?) tweeter.


I've never had a bass-through-the-PA sound like that. . .The drummer on this gig, who I played with for 6 years previous, even said he could hear an audible difference. . .Wow. . . ;)


(Bear in mind: This initial test is/was on a classic country/new country/classic rock gig. No test with hard rock, etc.)


Very intuitive preamp, overall. And extremely quiet. And extremely easy to dial up a sound on. *Solid* in the monitors and out front in the PA. Very "robust" (i.e. "fat")sound in the PA out front (as far as my 25 foot cable would take me, anyhow).


The Low-Z mode really rocks. I didn't adjust anything (trim pots) when I installed the preamp -- I wanted to try the unit with "stock" settings. . .Very Three-Dimensional (esp. Low-Z mode). IMO, it responds well to the overall volume control. I also found that, if we were playing a "quieter" song, I could leave the volume rolled up full, leave the EQ alone and switch to "Mid-Z" mode for a more "subdued" tone.


Very convenient, no-nonsense overall.


Anybody else out there have one of these? If so, chime in -- I'd like to hear other takes on it. I think it's a really nice unit, and very reasonably-priced. Doesn't have the 40 Hz "girth" that my tried-and-true Sadowsky onboard preamp has -- which made me skeptical at first -- but has a very distinct personality, one all its own.


Special Note: I usually *hate* onboard preamps with midrange controls. They've driven me near crazy in the past. . .Too much "honk" or too much "sludge", never a decent balance. . .Which is why I favored the Sadowsky. . .Just a 40Hz boost and a 4KHz boost. . .


But this one (Audere preamp W/mid control) seems to stay out of the way if you don't use it/need it. . .


Opinions may vary of course, but I'm really happy. :thu:


Peace. G'night. :D

"When it comes to havin' a good time, nothing beats 'fun'. . ."


-- Stefan Johnson

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Hi Rooster


I have the same unit installed in my Jaco Jazz. I have found the Audere EQ very useable across the whole range. I prefer a master volume and blend pot so I'm very happy there. I have it coupled with Nordstrand SE pick-ups which I really dig too.


I note that a small boost on the mids can add definition to the fretless rather than muddying the sound and so I know what you mean about normally disliking mid range EQ. Having to select a frequency and then to decide whether to boost it or cut it seems too much choice for me. These controls are very intuitive.


Overall I'm happy too.



"We will make you bob your head whether you want to or not". - David Sisk
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