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Bass books for children

Bob Gollihur

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Another player I know posted two childrens books that revolved around upright basses on another site I moderate. I've since picked the two up from Amazon for my grandson; if anyone else is interested, these are the titles:


Berlioz the Bear in paperback and hardcover

Baxter Barret Brown\'s Bass Fiddle


Anyone know of other bass-oriented books for children they'd like to share with us?


While I searched Amazon I also ran across this, Double Bass players: 365 Double Bass Lessons 2007 Note-A-Day Calendar for Double Bass (Spiral-bound)

1000 Upright Bass Links, Luthier Directory, Teacher Directory - http://www.gollihurmusic.com/links.cfm


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Deep Down in the Music is a very nice book which is written for children.


It gives a history of the development of jazz bass playing, mentions all the major figures, and describes their styles. I learned a lot from this book as did the adult student I lent it to. However, the writing style makes it extremely useful to use with children.


It doesn't seem to available new anywhere, but the link I gave list some used copies available.


You could also show the video, Tubby the Tuba . This classic cartoon from 1947 features the tuba in an orchestra and his psychological travels in search of respect. He is helped by a bullfrog and then becomes the star of the orchestra.


I loved this cartoon as a child (well before I even played any instrument at all) and when I saw it in a Walgreen's I bought it and it has held up well over the years.

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Both of those books are now on my Amazon wish list. They will soon be in my library.


I'm still a sucker for the Bugs Bunny "Long Haired Hare" cartoon where he impersonates Leopold Stokowski to get even with Giovanni Jones.


More info at IMDB.

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I have that 4 DVD set (a Christmas gift from my kids a few years back). It's great. Those songs that Bugs sings are fun tunes. I like when he "conducts" the audience to stop clapping after his first piece.


Sorry - no bass book suggestions...




Acoustic Color


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