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Home Recording


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I run my drum machine and bass into 2 channels of a mixer, output that to my amp, then line out from my amp into my sound card (I use a 1/4inch -> 1/8inch plug). You can also go straight from the mixer to your soundcard.


I just sent my bass teacher an audio clip of me grooving on fretless with a drum track on the day's lesson material and he was surprised - he asked me how I got my tone. (that's using the above setup)


And the mixer only cost me $40 from a friend.

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I have the following setup in my home recording studio


Athlon64 2 gig memory 256 meg video XP professional


Echo Layla 24/96 Digial audio interface with 8 channels in and out (BTW I am not limited to 8 tracks)


M-Audio Midisport 8x8 midi interface


assorted midi instruments, mixers, microphones etc...


I use Powertracks pro, Audacity, Record Producer (voyetra), Adobe Audition, Finale and Sound Forge

software packages depending on what I am doing.


You may not need more than your sound card, some softrware for recording and the knowlege of how to manipulate the inputs on your laptop to do what you want to do.



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I use Audacity. Downloaded it for free. I have not really learned how to use it yet but I have recorded with it . Sounds good and I can burn CDs from it.


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I actually downloaded Audacity and was using it within 5 minutes - wow (for free too!)

I'll probably get to the home studio setups a bit further down the line.

Thanks a million everyone. All of your comments are really useful and really appreciated.



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