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Cool...1st post here sfter thousands at H-C. How many forums can one belong to? (not a trick question)


I played a friends Atlansia 1 string bass a few months ago and have since emailed them countless times but with not even an acknowledgement. I'm totally ready to drop the $450.00 US for this thing plaus akk shipping fees. Where/how can you ny his stuff? Direct? U.S. Distributor (I doubt it)?

I've done some research on various jp sites and he is virtually unknown in his home country...I guess not too surprising since he is a boutique luthier.

Seem weird...he's been in business for over 40 years and yet he sells not a thing in the U.S., doesn't know how/doesn't care/doesn't want to- still pissed about WWII? :eek:

This is only a minor G.A.S. problem, but it's been festering like a huge boil on my rear end actually since long before I picked up the 1 stringer- I think I've been asking for about 8 years!!

BTW, check out B. Ritchie in May 2006 playing one. He gives it a :thu: . Anybosy from the BP staff here and want to comment?



Derek Bailey R.I.P. 19300-2005
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