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Newbie w/Speaker Question


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I am a brand new bass player. I just purchased a Fender P Bass Beluxe and a Hartke B300 practice amp. It is a great combination and I am having the best time ever learning and playing my new bass guitar. Fun!


My question is for the future. I am looking down the road and may want to buy a bigger amp. I notice that many times the same amp, or one similar is available with the same wattage but with either 2x10 speakers or 1x15 speaker.


I was wondering if some of you could give me some insight as to the difference? Is it the sound, loudness or what? Maybe personal preference or a difference in the weight of the cabinet?


I know guitars and amps as I have played acoustic electric for years but the entire bass realm is new, which truthfully makes this whole adventure a lot of fun! Thanks in advance for your help!

Thanks, Vic
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Let me try to give you my views on amps. It all boils down to what type of sound you are trying to produce. Some 2x10 sound like 1x15. Some 1x15's sound like 2x10. you will have to search and try different amps AFTER you have played for a while. Your taste will change over time. The type of music you play will probably change. For starters, I would go with a 150 watt 1x15 combo. It is simple, lighter, cheaper. Some sound pretty good.


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Rocky makes some good suggestions -- particularly about actually trying different things out.


I'll offer some more general comments.


Generally speaking, 10s will provide a little more punch in the mids, which helps the bass cut through the mix. A 15 will provide more boominess and bottom.


Again those are very general statements -- your mileage may vary.


My personal suggestion is that for your next amp -- which I'm guessing will be an amp for gigging -- you want to get something with no less than 200 watts, and ideally something you can add an additional cab or cabs to for more power.


Example -- the Peavey Combo 115 delivers 225 watts as configured, and up to 300 watts if you add a cab. Peavey also made a 2x10 version of that combo - no longer in production, but they're relatively easy to find on the used market.

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