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i've been thinking of buying the sqier 70's modified jazz bass simular to the one marcus miller plays and also in a music store i had about 5 minutes to play one but i couldnt plug it in and the pickups are duncan designed the neck feels great when playing on it, but is it simular to the original fender jazz bass and has anyone played the sqier yet and do you like it.that bass would be good for some funk and jazz which i try to play but would it be a good bass for playing metal music aswell.
let me get that for you
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Check out the Bass Player Magazine review this month. They liked it very much. Go back to the music store and tell them you are a serious buyer but you want to hear it. Plug it into a good amp.


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I'll tell you what I think, what I really, really think. :D

Originally posted by peterivington:

Well the music store wants about double for what I can get it for, but the maian thing is sound because i know how it plays.

The music store won't match an advertised price? Try it! Bring in a printout of musiciansfriend.com or something and see if they don't match it. At the very least, it should be a good bargaining chip to get them to lower the price if you are certain you want this particular bass.
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