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Madison/Legion 2x10 or 1x15 Bass Cabs?


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Hey man...I've never heard of these, but check www.harmony-central.com reviews and maybe search on talkbass.com as well. I can't see these being particular good for $99 new...one decent 10" driver with sufficient cone excursion and power handling for bass usually costs about that much. But, who knows...they might be surprisingly decent given the price...or not.



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I seem to remember a discussion on Legion cab a while back durring the last incarnation of the green one (if you say his name three times in a row does he come back?). IIRC everyone seemed to be of the oppinion that it couldn't hurt at that price.


I found the thread HERE but also remembered THIS POST of warning by his green-ness regarding Legion PA cabs but can be applied to their bass cabs just as well.

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I bought the legion amp and the 4x10 from ebay. The amp makes an okay practice amp, but the cabinet is crap. I've had the wires come off of the speakers, the inputs on the back are plastic and break very easily. I think I blew speaker. I am sure that I was underpowering them though. It didn't really sound too bad when it was working. You can get them from legionsound.com loaded with eminence speakers instead of what comes with them. I just can't trust it anymore, so I waited until something came in at Guitar Center used. Hope this helps. Shane

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