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Phil Jones Six-Pack combo

Rocky McDougall

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Has anyone had experience with the Phil Jones Six Pack and if so what do you think of it compared to some of the other high end stuff?

Take a look at this on Ebay.

Phil Jones Six Pack



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Yup! It's my main rig for a year now. If you're looking for clean power, with plenty of EQ options, this is right up your alley.


Three bands of parametric EQ; 13 bands of graphic eq with 18 db of cut/boost. A little goes a long way. You can choose either of those EQ's; both; or none. I suggested to them that they should be footswitchable; they appreciated the feedback and thought it was a good suggestion for any possible future models.


The built-in compressor is set to a 3:1 ratio. It works fairly well, if you're into compression, without seeming like you've got a big effect on.


The DI is excellent; I've had several soundmen compliment it.


Volume is tapered so that the low numbers are, well, rather low in volume. If you're used to having your current amp set on 4 and being loud enough, you might be initially disappointed that you have to keep this on 6 or 7 to be "the same". But where as some amps don't have a major difference between 8, 9 and 10, aside from some added grit, the difference between 7 and 8 is noticeable; 8 to 9 is throbbing; and if you actually have to get up to 10, you're going to do some damage. Moreso to yourself or your surroundings than the amp. And up until you max it out, it's really quite clean. And silent: no hiss unless you've got it up to 9 or 10; and even then it's pretty minor.


Those six 5" speakers will fool you- they can dish out the volume, and the low end. Seeing all of them fire is a thing of beauty. I'd love to get the 9B cabinet to match up with this. As soon as the Lotto pays off... But I'm pretty happy adding my Genz Benz 2x10 if I need a little something extra. Any way, the internal speakers are rated at 12 Ohms, so you can add to your heart's delight. While the back of the head says that you need a 4Ohm minimum, the manual and the guys at PJB say it's safe down to 2. If you ever need that.


Odd things about it? Some things seem a bit backward. Like the switches, for main power, compressor on/off, and each EQ section. I'm used to having Up be "on" and Down be "off"; this is the opposite. And the compressor knob- Maximum is when the knob is fully counter clockwise (7 o'clock) while minimum is at 5 o'clock. They also have an input for a volume pedal. Manual says that it is for the PJB remote Volume pedal. In speaking with them, that's something that they decided to discontinue development. But you can use another manufacturers pedal. They told me some specific models, but I forget now as it's not a big feature to me. (Wish you could change that to an EQ remote pedal switcher!)


Other than that, and the fact that it's HEAVY (83 pounds, I seem to remember), it's a great piece of gear. The handles and wheels help alot, but when you have to lift it, it's a bit bulky. Built like a tank, too; so you don't have to baby it (but why wouldn't you?) I like it more than my Carvin Redline 1000, which was a long-time dream amp. Haven't played a lot of other "high end" stuff, so I can't compare it to say Aguilar or Walter Woods etc. I've played Fender, Carvin, Genz Benz, and Mesa amps. While each had it's strong points, this one just has so many great features. And blue lights- can't forge tthe blue lights!


If you're looking for Ampeg grind, probably won't find it here (though I haven't messed around with the gain to see if you can get that; not my main tone).


Any other specific questions, I'll be glad to answer!

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Yep, I gig with it regularly, with a drummer. We're not a metal band mind you; but a loud drummer and a 60 watt tube amp? No problem. Even did a couple of outdoor gigs with it; actually turned up to 9. No extension cabinet. Held up rather well (could have used an extra cab on the one gig with a 2nd guitarist and a horn section, but it was still formidable). A 30' lead helps in cases like this, to determine if it's just near field or total all around.


Low end- unless you're hammering a B string while maxing out the 30hz on the graphic EQ, there's no farting. It can give a nice woof! The graphic EQ is set up at helpful frequencies. I play mostly 5 string, and have no problem keeping the bottom end. The Briefcase, on the other hand, can give a bit of farting on anything from a low D to a low B, if you're really pushing it.

"Am I enough of a freak to be worth paying to see?"- Separated Out (Marillion)

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