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busy bass weekend, fun


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So, a very different, if somewhat busy playing weekend. Thought I might share. As usual my Thursday night - Italian restaurant jazz night, Saturday Morning a retirement home with a Family of entertainers. The keyboard player is 83, his sister who is 85 also plays a mean barvarian pokka on the piano and did a Mexican hat dance! Vince, the piano player has 3 daughters who also sing, one plays guitar. One of the daughters has a daughter (about 12yr's old) who also sings. We were a hit!

Then, Saturday afternoon its off to a Whole Foods grocery store in very pricy, LaJolla, California. (just up the road for me) I played with a very talented guitar, banjo player and a clairnet/sax player. We entertained the shoppers with dixie-land jazz. That was fun, if not a little challenging for me. And, Sunday, up at 6:30am to play 3 services at my church. Some great praise music. Made a total of $80.00, but playing music, priceless ;)

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Great report, VJ! :thu:


It can be very satisfying to be playing so much, even if the pay is lousy. And such a variety of music! How wonderful!


I'm most jealous of your traditional (Dixieland) jazz gig. I'd love to find a group like that, but if I did I'd want to be a purist and find a tuba/sausaphone. (Sausa for sure for a street band!)


And on top of it all you were well received and appreciated. Well done!

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