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R.H.C.P Hey


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Hi, i saw flea playing this on bass player t.v, i checked my tab book and it has this:


Cm Bb Ab

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +






And its played like blink 182 songs, and the chili's song Dont Forget me, but when you strum the a and g together, what do you do with the D, because you strum all the three strings, so i thought maybe mute the d with a spare finger, but it sounds a bit dodgey, thanks,

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I'm no pro but I would probably play the A string with my thumb while playing the G string with my index finger. That's how I play octaves but this would be a bit easier then that. I'd imagine that others may do it differently. I'm open for suggestions as well.


Now if you are using a pick. I really don't know what to say as I am simply a total klutz with one. :freak:



Newf :)


P.S. Nice avatar. Great minds think alike...or is that fools seldom differ? ;)

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you can hit the high note with your ring finger of your pick hand.


fret the a# with your ring finger and the g with your middle finger. then lay your first finger across the strings to mute the d. watch the pressure so you don't fret a note. this is how i would do it if i was playing with a pick

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